W.A.N.T.E.D Shaka Wrap Around Bracelet

For those of you who spent your childhood religiously making “scoubidou” (French appellation) instead of doing your homework, you’ll definitely fall for the Shaka Wrap Around Bracelet. Choose from a Rainbow of juicy colors and wear it all summer!

Price $42

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Exhibition: All The Buildings In New York by JAMES GULLIVER HANCOCK

If you love NY, you will love James Gulliver Hancock. Brooklyn based artist, he has recently been working on a series called “All the Buildings in New York” that celebrates New York’s authentic buildings and neighborhoods. His work will be displayed for the first time in a solo show on Wednesday May 18th in the Lower East Side. You’ll see originals from his blog and as well as work yet unseen.

Opening Wednesday May 18th at 7pm.
119 Ludlow St. Lower level.

Get your own Red Hook Criterium Milano T-Shirt

RED HOOK CRITERIUM MILANO T-Shirts have arrived. They are designed by Jonah Birns and printed on American Apparel. They will be for sale in Milan throughout the weekend at Bicycle Film Festival (October 15-17) and available in the US by post or for pick up locally in NYC the week after the race. The cost is $20 in the US and €15 in Europe.

Email dat@samtrimble.com to order before they are all gone


5 mn with… David August Trimble

Profession: Bike racer, designer, engineer, photographer etc…


Who are you David?

I am defined in most part by being a member of the Trimble family   I’m 27, the second oldest of eight kids (4 boys and 4 girls).  My dad is the oldest of eight boys.  I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and lived in Boston, Northwest Arkansas, Houston, a brief stint in hell, Indianapolis, before finally coming home to NYC four years ago.

At the age of 12 I raced go-karts. By the time I turned 18, I was racing professionally and traveling all over North America. I wanted to be a Formula 1 driver. As my parents didn’t have enough money to support my expensive career pursuit I relied completely on sponsorship money that I raised.  This eventually ran out and I had to give up… I had also blown all my college money on racing so I began working as a ‘mechanic’ on a Formula Renault team eventually making my way up to the Indycar level.  I spent the next four years of my life slaving away on racecars.  While most kids were attending college I was working 120 hours weeks and traveling non-stop around the world.  The pressure was intense and I soon realized that the ‘hardened’ vets who had been doing it for many years were miserable drunks with broken homes.  I had to get out.

Because I had amassed a slave like work ethic and razor sharp mechanical and problem solving skills my uncle Sam hired me to help manage the construction and custom details on his high-end architectural projects in New York City.  Completely burned out with anything that had an engine on it I moved to NYC with nothing but a suitcase and a bicycle. I have now been at Sam Trimble Design for four years.  The job introduces me to many amazing people and places and I become a part of the city that would otherwise be completely foreign.  Our clients have whole collections named after them at the MET. They are Hollywood stars, and run giant corporations.  Being a part of this juxtaposition next to my humble life is one of the most interesting facets of living in NYC.

You mentioned coming to NY with just a suitcase and a bicycle, I’m guessing the bicycle is a big part of your life?

My father and his brothers are all inventors, engineers, and architects.  In the early days they developed and raced some of the first ever carbon fiber racing bicycles.  One of my uncle Brent’s frame designs went on to win a gold medal in the Sydney Olympics.  Although cycling was always a part of my life I did not start riding seriously until I was 21 years old.

I started riding in Texas.  After moving to NYC I became heavily involved in the cycling scene and began racing bikes at a fanatical level.  I race mountain, road, cyclocross, and suicidal alley cat city races.  The energy and commodore of cycling makes NYC feel like home to me.  The best part is that I am carrying on with the Trimble family tradition of bicycle fanatics.  My siblings and father all bond around the bike and to this day almost all of us compete.

You have organized, The Red Hook Criterium for the past 3 years. A combination of a race and an Art exhibit, tell us more about it?

Most of my friends are bike racers who won’t come out to a social event unless it involves a chance at personal glory.  For this reason I started holding a bike race in conjunction with my birthday party.  The race is held at night in Red Hook on a short, twisty, and dangerous course.  Over the years it has grown into a popular event with hundreds of spectators and racers.  This last year I combined the race with a group art show called “The Unifying Machine”.  The show had over thirty artists exhibiting a wide range of work.  The Red Hook Criterium is basically an art show, bike race, and massive party all rolled into one event.

At “The Unifying Machine” this year, I have seen pictures you shot; are you a photographer as well?

On a basic level I am a photographer because I am on an endless pursuit to live a life that when recorded leaves behind interesting images that will supplement my memory.

Living in the culturally limited Arkansas and Houston and having the opportunity to travel opened my eyes to the world.  I began taking pictures with the intention to try and capture this flow of constant new experiences and images.  Each new place and each new character I met would change me in a way that I felt had to be recorded.  Moving to the huge world of NYC further increased my desire to record everything and everyone I experienced along the way.

Professionally I haven’t started a photography career but as my skills and style develop I am seeing opportunities to use photography beyond a personal level.

Which celebrity would you be flattered to see participate at the Red Hook Criterium?

As far as celebrities go I wouldn’t mind seeing Kayne West show up on his fashion accessory Cinelli Vigorelli so we could lap him 5 times.  Actually most of the local cycling celebrities I want to see racing the Crit already participate.  I really want my brother Nathan to compete next year.  He’s by far the strongest Trimble and could give our family a victory in the race.

What does a city like NY brings to you?

It gives you a chance to be exactly the person you want to be.  No matter what kind of weird or nerdy thing you are into there is likely to be a whole community full of like-minded people.

What is your favorite place in the city?

My favorite place is this massive abandoned Grain Terminal in Red Hook.  I often go exploring in there at night.  The left over machines inside the terminal are very old and incredibly designed.  It gives me the same feeling as when I’m in Alaska exploring old gold mining ruins.

Where would be the best place to buy a good bike?

Depends on what kind of bike.  For a good city bike something on Craigslist is place to find a good deal.  It just requires a little education to spot the lemons.  The Times Up organization is a great place to learn how to build your own bike from old parts and spend next to nothing.  A full on racing bike should be obtained through of very personal experience of picking each part specifically.

What’s next? Any project?

I’m bringing the Red Hook Criterium to Milan, Italy on October 15th.  It’ll be held on the dark streets of an industrial area of Milan.  A dozen riders from NYC are making to the trip to compete against some of the best riders in Europe.
Beyond that I’m working on organizing my first solo photography exhibit, which I hope will be ready by next summer.

Click here to find out more information about the RED HOOK CRIT MILANO
© Photo with orange sweater and bike: Jed Stewart. Photo B&W: Hannah Trimble. David racing : Ed Glazer. Art-show: Chris Thorman. Grain terminal: David Trimble

Dailysingle: Advertise yourself

Starting today, Dailysingle will give us the 24 hours of fame we’ve always dreamed of. Painters, photographers, filmmakers, designers, florists, chefs, decorators, dancers, carpenters, drivers, babysitters, models, dentists even…  here is our chance to get attention.

Every morning, Dailysingle will promote one of us by presenting our work, passions and goals on its “Home Page” which has the layout of a magazine cover. A new and brilliant tool for those who have something specific to tell or to show the world and want all the exposure any creative person needs.

Simon Berger Perrin, Dailysingle founder, worked for online communities for many years before launching his own project, he always felt that something was missing…

Simon, how did you come up with the idea of Dailysingle?

I’ve been working for many online communities where you would find millions of different profiles and never take the time to really get to know any of them. So I wanted to try a different approach and create a site where I’d introduce only one person at the time.

Tell us a little more about the concept

I want people to wake up in the morning and, out of curiosity, check Dailysingle over coffee as soon as they get to the office. I want the audience to discover interesting and talented people working in different industries that could be of interest  for business purposes or just because they have something in common. Dailysingle‘s website is interactive so you can add and share comments and also start a dialogue with the “dailysingle” of the day by contacting him privately through the site.

The name, “Dailysingle, sounds a bit dating related don’t you think?

Single stands for Unique. Everyday you will discover one unique person on one unique front page for one unique day.

Applicants don’t necessarily have to be artists so, how can a baby-sitter or a driver, for instance, be selected? What does is take to become one of the dailysingles?

Anybody has a chance to be selected to be on the cover as long as long as you have this “Je ne sais quoi” that makes you unique and entertaining for other people.

Today, you are the first one to be in the spotlights, how do you feel?

I feel exited! I am really wondering how many people are going to visit the site the first day and read my interview. I hope to get good feedbacks and comments. It was to too much pressure to select the perfect profile, so I decided to do it myself.. Now we will see if it was a good choice 😉

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Neverland Lost: A portrait of Michael Jackson

NeverLand Lost: A portrait of Michael Jackson takes us deeper into Michael’s mystery world. Henry Leutwyler, famous portrait photographer, also known for his incredible gift for bringing still-life objects back to life, satisfies our curiosity in his excellent book unveiling Michael Jackson’s belongings -which, until now, have been locked in storage crates in Neverland. This book is a pure source of excitement that’ll nourish your passion for the mysterious legend that is, and will always be… the King of Pop.

Get your own signed copy of the book on Wednesday June 16th from 6 to 8 pm at Dashwood Books 33 Bond Street. bet Bowery and Lafayette (Tel: 212.387.8520)

Neverland Lost, A Portrait of Michael Jackson by Henry Leutwyler
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