You often hear foreigners say that they couldn’t live in NY because they would miss part of their lifestyle, particularly  the food… Well, if there is one thing you can’t complain about in NY,  it’s the food! For the Italians, a taste of home is around the corner at Gottino… heaven on earth!

This wine bar takes you on a culinary trip around Italy, serving you the finest Italian wines, obviously, but also delicious small plates of various hams, cheeses and other local delicacies…

Just to give you an idea of how good it is, note that Jody Williams, the chef of this little -Michelin recommended,  “gastroteca,” started her career at Il Buco… So if you are looking for the perfect place to have drinks and a bite… Look no further!

Note that they have the cutest garden in the back- ideal in the summer!

GOTTINO is located 52 greenwich avenue (bet 10th street and 7th avenue). Tel 1 212 633 25 90
Check out their great blog for more info


Please don’t tell

© Noah Kalina

New Yorkers are proud of their city and therefore love to show it off to visitors… A great place to impress is PLEASE DON’T TELL . This speakeasy has the most unusual and original entrance of them all… Believe it or not but this cozy bar is hidden behind the telephone booth of  a random hot dog joint… When you get there, all you have to do is pick up the phone and convince the nice hostess to open up the secret door…

PLEASE DON’T TELL: 113 St. Marks Pl. @ First av. Tel: 1 212-614-0386.

Employees Only !

Don’t be fooled by the “psychic” sign on the window… the fortune teller will not read the lines on your hand, but grant you (or not ;)) access to this intimate bar, where it seem everything is still allowed… Behind the counter, bartenders in white blouses and mustaches concoct sophisticated drinks. Careful, the absinthe served at the bar might drive you cuckoo about this place!

Employees Only, 510 Hudson Street. Map
Tel: 1 212 242 3021

SPiN New York


Before I stepped foot into SPiN, it didn’t occur to me that Ping Pong could be so fun… It’s  even more than that when played in New York’s trendiest spot, with funky music, cocktails and a great crowd!

Dont forget to check out the beautiful vintage Ping Pong table in the Fred Perry room.

Trust me and go play!



SPiN New York: 48 East 23rd Street @ Park av. Tel: 1 212 980 1404



The Raines Law Room

As most of the speakeasies in the City, the entrance, a few stairs nestled below the Chelsea Inn, is quite hard to spot. The decor is cozy and very intimate: soft lighting, Chesterfield sofas, alcoves that can be closed by a veil… Whether you want to spend a romantic moment or just enjoy delicious signature cocktails by the most talented mixologists in the city, The Raines Law Room is the place you are looking for… A NYbutterfly’s pick!

It’s also a dream spot in the summer as they have the cutest hidden English garden…


 The Raines Law Room is located 48 West 17th St (bet 5th and 6th). tel: 
Check out their website for more info.