5 mn with… Nina Freudenberger

Profession: Interior Designer

Who are you? 

I was born in Munich, Germany, and moved to the US with my parents when I was quite young.  I went to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) for architecture, and after college, I was offered a great position at an interior design company in NYC. Three years ago I opened Haus Interior, an interior design company. In late June of this year, I opened my first retail boutique, featuring interior décor products in Nolita.

How did you fall into Interior Design?

While I had a wonderful time studying architecture, the position I was offered was in the interior-decorating field. I love everything about it, specifically the fast pace and working so closely with my sophisticated clients.

When did you decide to create your own company?

The “business” side to any design field always fascinated me and I wanted to really dive into that side of the interior-decorating world. I also found that I was interested in not only working on high-end design projects but also mixing hi/lo design, and with this concept I opened Haus Interior on my own.

You opened Haus Interior last June, what is the concept?

I think that interior design/décor has become much more accessible now then in the past. My clients are sophisticated and know a lot about design, mostly through the introduction of so many design blogs and publications. I think although there are some affordable home décor store, there is still a gap in the market, and as a firm believer that beautiful design does not need to be expensive, I opened Haus Interior to prove just that.

Who’s your favorite designer or interior designer?

I love David Hicks – his incredible ability to layer patterned materials is so fascinating to me.

If you had one for a cozy interior what would it be?

I think that layering patterns and prints is one really simple way to make things feel much more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to experiment, every home should represent yourself and your style and doesn’t need to look like it’s on the cover of Architectural Digest.

Are there any fall trends?

 I think that people are really looking towards pieces that have a timeless quality but with a level of quality. Whether it’d be the 100% woven cotton throw or eco-linen towels, I think that people are interested buying something they will keep in their home for a while.

What does a city like NY brings to you?

 The city brings an incredible energy of constant forward motion, progress and innovation. Even something as simple/common as taking note of the fashion style on the streets can be inspiring.


What is your favorite interior design store in NY?

 I love John Derian, Abingdon 12 and Flair in Soho.

What is your favorite place in the city?

My store, of course! But I love so many places, its hard to name them all  – eating lunch at the Modern or walking around Tribeca, going to the farmers market in the West Village or shopping at the flea market in Chelsea – these are just a few!

What’s next?

Hopefully opening another store, whether it be in the states or abroad!

Haus Interior is located 250 Elizabeth Street in NY. Tel: 1 212 741 0455
Visit their website for more information.



West Village Farmer’s Market

On saturdays, go flutter around Abingdon square’s market to meet local farmers. Early morning it’s always very quiet… Heaven…

Abingdon Square Greenmarket

West 12th Street & 8th Avenue. Year round on Sat from 8 am to 2 pm.

Meet Patrick Demarchelier on Tuesday, December 8th

He’ll be signing copies of his latest book “Patrick Demarchelier” at the Clic Gallery from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

This book features over 400 of his most famous color and black and white pictures. From fashion photographs published in Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar to his work with celebrities and Princess Diana, this book beautifully  regroups his complete career.

“Patrick Demarchelier” $99.00
Clic Bookstore & Gallery: 255 Centre Street. tel: 1-212-966-2766
You can pre-order signed copies by calling the gallery.

CORSINO: Cantina Italiana

Recently opened at the corner of Hudson and Horatio, Corsino is a great new addition to the far west village. The menu is original, and the food is delicious. You’ll find a large selection of yummy crostini, and larger plates (try the Shrimp or Chicken Spiedini). The atmosphere is very relaxed and the staff… always smiling…

Don’t leave without a bite of the Semifreddo Gianduja… A hazelnut-chocolate ecstasy…


Corsino is located 637 Hudson Street @ the corner with Horatio. Tel: 1 212 242 3093

5 mn with… Sébastien Micke

Profession: Photographer

Who are you?

I’m a French photographer on staff for Paris Match Magazine. I’m 32 years old and I come from a town in the South of France called Sète. I’m based in the US and I am currently living in LA.

Why did you choose to become a photographer?

I was 17 and at a party with some friends where someone gave me a camera- it was early, very early in the morning or very late, and I became obsessed with this “throw away” camera. I tried to make artistic photos and I fell in love with the camera: looking back on those photos, they really suck!

What was your best shoot?

Mariah Carey! We changed our set from NYC to LA at the last minute. The set in NYC was a very expensive production and at midnight she cancelled on me. We talked and rescheduled for LA. The new shoot was simple because we wanted to show off her recent weight loss. This was my best memory because Mariah involuntarily made me go to LA and by chance on that trip I met my future wife who I am marrying on June 19th.

Any crazy happenings on set?

On the same photo shoot I was electrocuted and almost died! Mariah didn’t even notice.

Any fun memory?

A round trip on a private jet from Paris to Greece to photograph the Patras Bridge. It was a huge expense for something so simple, we left Paris at 8am and I was back on the Champs Elysees drinking a coffee by 6pm.

If you could pick anyone, who would you shoot?

Barack Obama. I worked with him on the campaign but I would love to have a private session with him now and see how his time in the White House has affected him.

What does a city like NY bring to you?

Every time I turn a corner in the city, I discover something new. It inspires me. NYC is like In-n-Out Burger, I can’t get enough!

What is you favorite place or thing to do in the city?

I love to go out. There are always new places to hang out. My new favorite is SL nightclub in the Meatpacking. The space is beautiful and the creator Mark Birnbaum is very talented and a great guy.

What’s next?

Shooting with Julie Ordon in NYC soon!

Click here to see Sébastien’s portfolio or visit his website.

Must Have: Instax Mini 7S camera

Here is something to make us forget about our beloved Polaroid…

This  cute and stylish camera produces instant, high quality glossy prints the size of a credit card. 

Right on time for Christmas!   

Price: $96.00
For more information, visit Fujifilm

Jaime Pitarch: Beautiful unglittering things


Until December 19th, 2009

This exhibition features sculptural pieces using humble everyday objects transformed, often with minimal intervention, to explode the habitual and reveal new narrative possibilities.

Jaime Pitarch was recently described by Art Review Magazine as one of  the “future great -artists you need to know”. A.G

Spencer Brownstone Gallery
39 Wooster Street bet Grand & Broome
Tel: 212.334.3455
For more info visit their website