W.A.N.T.E.D Shaka Wrap Around Bracelet

For those of you who spent your childhood religiously making “scoubidou” (French appellation) instead of doing your homework, you’ll definitely fall for the Shaka Wrap Around Bracelet. Choose from a Rainbow of juicy colors and wear it all summer!

Price $42

Purchase online on nOir Jewelry‘s website.  International shipping!


5mn with… Vera Balyura

Profession: Jewelry designer

Who are you Vera?

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. My heart has been beating for about 25 years. I run a jewelry company that began as a way to unwind my brain from stories told to me in dreams, starring bee-keeper centaurs, creatures that never die and deep sea animals…

How or why did you decide to design jewelry?

When I was little my grandpa would show me miniatures he made and do puppet shows for me. I believed the little people and creatures could come alive on their own, but had pride in keeping very still whenever I was looking. When I’d go to sleep they would take me to their magical land. Now I repay them for the adventures by bringing them and their friends back into my world. It’s all about giving back.

When was VearMeat born and why did you pick this name?

VeraMeat was born about 3 years ago. This name was picked because it was the only name which made me laugh and yet felt powerful.

If you had to create  a line for a famous designer or famous brand, who would it be?

Hmm…Chanel would be incredible, Jil Sander would inspire, Marc Jacobs of course… And I’m thinking of doing an exclusive cuff line for Opening Ceremony, something sincere for Atelier…

Which celebrity would you be flattered to see wear your designs?

Hmm… I’ve been super lucky to have a few wish list clients like Miranda July and Tilda Swinton. Would love to add Isabelle Huppert, Zoe Deschanel, Charlotte Rampling & Gainsbourg, Adrien Brody and Patti Smith who is my neighbor. We met through a mutual friend and when I mentioned needing feedback on a writing project she invited me in. So I’m working on a “thank you” VeraMeat for her right now.

What does a city like NY brings to you?

It brings the opportunity to connect with artists you admire and to be inspired every second which can get exhausting in a sexy way. You become a part of the big piece of art that is NY which invite friends into your life who through a conversation make you feel like you’ve evolved into a future ancestor.

What is your idea of a perfect day in NY?

Hah well, I’m an Austrian art fan so a day at Neue Gallery with lunch in their cafe would be perfect… or have breakfast in bed with a French book then design some amazing jewelry … or taking photos of the west village daily life. Again walking around Manhattan to see what the city brings is often better then anything I can foresee.

What is your favorite belonging?

My guitar, love to pick her up, and unrehearsed play whatever comes to mind
and record it. It’s like improved acting at UCB which I also love, magic happens when you let yourself free. Going to be starting a VeraMeat TV in the City series on YouTube!

What is your favorite place in the city?

As far as things to do when in West Village, Happy Owl is great for lunch. In Williamsburg, Monkey Town has great shows and films in their back room-though they may be closing.

What’s next? Any project?

Yes VeraMeat TV satire comedy episodes, viking taking over the sky collection for VeraMeat while building on some old themes. I am recording a punk folk music album under a new band name: Party Of Virgins. I’m also decorating a new studio in the East Village. Please come to the open house on April 24th!

VeraMeat has a studio on 303 East 5th street. apt # 1A. bet 1st & 2nd av.
Check Vera’s Website to see the full collection and order online.

Vintage POP UP Shop

Atelier Mayer, the uber chic vintage e-shop from London, dedicated to 20th century vintage, is setting up a Pop up shop at Takamichi hair during Fashion week. You’ll find rare pieces from Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Cristobal Balenciaga, Jean Muir etc….

Vintage fashion lovers, collectors, sylists… don’t miss it!

Atelier Mayer @ Takamichi Hair: 35 Great Jones St. 7th Fl. Tel 1 212  420 7979.
From Monday February 15th to Wednesday the 17th, from 10am to 7pm.

5 min with… Laetitia Stanfield

Profession: Jewelry Designer

Who are you Laetitia? 

 I’m a half French, half American 27 years old that was raised between NYC, Washington DC, and Paris. Now my parents live in a horse farm in Middleburg VA (my sanctuary).  I studied finance in college but always had a passion for the fashion industry.  Straight from university I joined the buying team at Bergdorf Goodman where I worked for 4 years for the contemporary floor. I learned a ton about the industry and the important facets that are necessary to a budding player in that industry.  I’m trying my best to use them and I’m hoping its working 😉    

How did you decide to design beaded chiffon jewelry?  

I give all that credit to my business partner Mignonne Gavigan, she is the brains behind the designing, I am the business side.

When was ROARKE born?

ROARKE was born late last summer.  I was ready to move on from the corporate setting and start my own company, I just wasn’t exactly sure what that was…..  Mignonne had designed the first necklace and was looking for someone who knew the industry.  We had a very serendipitous experience, a case of the ‘right place at the right time’.  Mutual friends introduced us, we met for coffee and 2 weeks later we started a company.  We are very lucky, we compliment each others strengths and weaknesses very well.

If you had to create  a line for a famous designer or famous brand, who would it be?

Mignonne and I are both very influenced by Parisian designers, that being said, I would have to say Lanvin and on a more casual note Isabel Marant.  

Which celebrity would you be flattered to see wear your designs?

That is tough, it ranges from Kate Moss to Michelle Obama, Rihanna to Carine Roitfeld… sorry, that’s more than one!


What does a city like NY brings to you?

An undercurrent of energy that in me sparks a certain joie de vivre.  Along with that comes of course inspiration, opportunity, and the people- I love New Yorkers- the attitudes are amazing!!

 What is your favorite place in the city?

Favorite place this time of year is the fireplace at the bowery hotel, a block from my house, so a nice little escape.  In the warmer weather Mignonne and I like to scour flea markets for inspirational patterns and materials.  But work aside, my favorite moments come from exploring new parts of the city with friends and sitting down to long mimosa filled brunches on the weekends… 

What’s next? Any project?

For ROARKE, we are getting into handbags, which is really exciting.  I am also figuring out a way to help small designers start up their fashion dreams.  Placing them with the proper contacts, knowing the necessary steps to take and the proper time and customer to launch too.  I’m getting there but it may be a little while!!

ROARKE NYC. Check out their amazing collection online and order ASAP!
You can also contact them at 1 202 494 5789



Mignonne Gavigan and Laetitia Stanfield recently launched ROARKE NYC, a gorgeous and sophisticated jewlery line of beaded necklaces, neckties, bowties and headbands.  

You might have already spotted their designs on some fashionable girls in the city… it’s a  huge success!

Definitely a must have…



ROARKE NYC. Tel: 1 202 494 57 89. Check out the collection on their website