Dailysingle: Advertise yourself

Starting today, Dailysingle will give us the 24 hours of fame we’ve always dreamed of. Painters, photographers, filmmakers, designers, florists, chefs, decorators, dancers, carpenters, drivers, babysitters, models, dentists even…  here is our chance to get attention.

Every morning, Dailysingle will promote one of us by presenting our work, passions and goals on its “Home Page” which has the layout of a magazine cover. A new and brilliant tool for those who have something specific to tell or to show the world and want all the exposure any creative person needs.

Simon Berger Perrin, Dailysingle founder, worked for online communities for many years before launching his own project, he always felt that something was missing…

Simon, how did you come up with the idea of Dailysingle?

I’ve been working for many online communities where you would find millions of different profiles and never take the time to really get to know any of them. So I wanted to try a different approach and create a site where I’d introduce only one person at the time.

Tell us a little more about the concept

I want people to wake up in the morning and, out of curiosity, check Dailysingle over coffee as soon as they get to the office. I want the audience to discover interesting and talented people working in different industries that could be of interest  for business purposes or just because they have something in common. Dailysingle‘s website is interactive so you can add and share comments and also start a dialogue with the “dailysingle” of the day by contacting him privately through the site.

The name, “Dailysingle, sounds a bit dating related don’t you think?

Single stands for Unique. Everyday you will discover one unique person on one unique front page for one unique day.

Applicants don’t necessarily have to be artists so, how can a baby-sitter or a driver, for instance, be selected? What does is take to become one of the dailysingles?

Anybody has a chance to be selected to be on the cover as long as long as you have this “Je ne sais quoi” that makes you unique and entertaining for other people.

Today, you are the first one to be in the spotlights, how do you feel?

I feel exited! I am really wondering how many people are going to visit the site the first day and read my interview. I hope to get good feedbacks and comments. It was to too much pressure to select the perfect profile, so I decided to do it myself.. Now we will see if it was a good choice 😉

Check the first Dailysingle today on www.dailysingle.com and click here to apply to be on the cover of Dailysingle!