Deborah Turbeville at Staley-Wise Gallery

Deborah Turbeville / Staley-Wise

Born in 1938, Deborah Turbeville is a fashion editor turned photographer. When she started taking photographs in 1966, she showed her blurry pictures to Richard Avedon who instantly liked them and decided to teach her the technique. She officially became a photographer in 1972 and worked for the most renowned magazines such as Vogue –  American, British, French, Italian, and Russian editions, Harper’s Bazaar, the New York Times Magazine etc…

Her most famous work is the ‘bathhouse’ series that she shot for American Vogue in 1975 – fashion photographs of barely dressed, languid women .

By retouching the surface of her pictures, which are often scratched and faded, Turbeville creates an atmosphere of mystery and drama intensifying her ideas and making her work unforgettable.

This exhibition features her work from 1975 to the present. Don’t miss it, Turbeville’s work resembles no-one else’s…

Deborah Turbeville Past Imperfect: Works on paper from a book
From February 5th to March 20th
Staley-Wise Gallery : 560 Broadway. Tel: 1 212 966 6223

Late night cravings…

A bunch of hungry students, tired of late night junk food had the brilliant idea of launching “Insomnia Cookies”, a company that delivers cookies, just out of the oven, till 3am!

Originally created for hard-working students, Insomnia Cookies is now open to everyone – by that I mean us, party people, grossed out by the idea of, once again, eating soggy chips or old leftovers and too lazy to stop at the deli… Sounds a bit familiar?

If you can manage to drunk-dial them before heading home, you’d get there at the same time as the delivery boy! They’ll be warm and melted… Y.U.M!

Insomnia Cookies Tel: 877-63-26654
or click here to see full menu and order online
(runs from Avenue A to the Westside Highway and from 14th to Broome St)

Employees Only !

Don’t be fooled by the “psychic” sign on the window… the fortune teller will not read the lines on your hand, but grant you (or not ;)) access to this intimate bar, where it seem everything is still allowed… Behind the counter, bartenders in white blouses and mustaches concoct sophisticated drinks. Careful, the absinthe served at the bar might drive you cuckoo about this place!

Employees Only, 510 Hudson Street. Map
Tel: 1 212 242 3021

HENTSCH MAN in the City

In a Man’s wardrobe, the white shirt is a major concern… It is as important and as tricky to find as our dear little black dress… So, once upon a time, a UK based little duo, Max and Alexia, had a bright idea to start the quest of the perfect white shirt. It took them lots of hard work surrounded by amazing friends and POUF! HENTSCH MAN was born… Starting in March 2010, you’ll find their (since expanded) menswear line including the now very famous “Jack shirt”, trousers, boxer shorts, footwear…  at Opening Ceremony in Soho.

Opening Ceremony in located 35 Howard Street bet Green and Mercer st. Tel: 1 212 219 2688 Click here to check out the entire HENTSCH MAN collection.

SPiN New York


Before I stepped foot into SPiN, it didn’t occur to me that Ping Pong could be so fun… It’s  even more than that when played in New York’s trendiest spot, with funky music, cocktails and a great crowd!

Dont forget to check out the beautiful vintage Ping Pong table in the Fred Perry room.

Trust me and go play!



SPiN New York: 48 East 23rd Street @ Park av. Tel: 1 212 980 1404



5 min with… Laetitia Stanfield

Profession: Jewelry Designer

Who are you Laetitia? 

 I’m a half French, half American 27 years old that was raised between NYC, Washington DC, and Paris. Now my parents live in a horse farm in Middleburg VA (my sanctuary).  I studied finance in college but always had a passion for the fashion industry.  Straight from university I joined the buying team at Bergdorf Goodman where I worked for 4 years for the contemporary floor. I learned a ton about the industry and the important facets that are necessary to a budding player in that industry.  I’m trying my best to use them and I’m hoping its working 😉    

How did you decide to design beaded chiffon jewelry?  

I give all that credit to my business partner Mignonne Gavigan, she is the brains behind the designing, I am the business side.

When was ROARKE born?

ROARKE was born late last summer.  I was ready to move on from the corporate setting and start my own company, I just wasn’t exactly sure what that was…..  Mignonne had designed the first necklace and was looking for someone who knew the industry.  We had a very serendipitous experience, a case of the ‘right place at the right time’.  Mutual friends introduced us, we met for coffee and 2 weeks later we started a company.  We are very lucky, we compliment each others strengths and weaknesses very well.

If you had to create  a line for a famous designer or famous brand, who would it be?

Mignonne and I are both very influenced by Parisian designers, that being said, I would have to say Lanvin and on a more casual note Isabel Marant.  

Which celebrity would you be flattered to see wear your designs?

That is tough, it ranges from Kate Moss to Michelle Obama, Rihanna to Carine Roitfeld… sorry, that’s more than one!


What does a city like NY brings to you?

An undercurrent of energy that in me sparks a certain joie de vivre.  Along with that comes of course inspiration, opportunity, and the people- I love New Yorkers- the attitudes are amazing!!

 What is your favorite place in the city?

Favorite place this time of year is the fireplace at the bowery hotel, a block from my house, so a nice little escape.  In the warmer weather Mignonne and I like to scour flea markets for inspirational patterns and materials.  But work aside, my favorite moments come from exploring new parts of the city with friends and sitting down to long mimosa filled brunches on the weekends… 

What’s next? Any project?

For ROARKE, we are getting into handbags, which is really exciting.  I am also figuring out a way to help small designers start up their fashion dreams.  Placing them with the proper contacts, knowing the necessary steps to take and the proper time and customer to launch too.  I’m getting there but it may be a little while!!

ROARKE NYC. Check out their amazing collection online and order ASAP!
You can also contact them at 1 202 494 5789

The Raines Law Room

As most of the speakeasies in the City, the entrance, a few stairs nestled below the Chelsea Inn, is quite hard to spot. The decor is cozy and very intimate: soft lighting, Chesterfield sofas, alcoves that can be closed by a veil… Whether you want to spend a romantic moment or just enjoy delicious signature cocktails by the most talented mixologists in the city, The Raines Law Room is the place you are looking for… A NYbutterfly’s pick!

It’s also a dream spot in the summer as they have the cutest hidden English garden…


 The Raines Law Room is located 48 West 17th St (bet 5th and 6th). tel: 
Check out their website for more info.