Get your own Bobble

We hear over and over that we have to be more eco friendly, we have to think about our planet and we should live healthier lifestyles… Well, here is the perfect accessory to do so. Bobble is a stylish bottle of water, designed by Karim Rashid that filters tap water as you drink. The filter handles about 300 bottles worth of water! It’ll make you save money, avoid plastic bottle waste and due to its small size, you can carry it all over.

It’s a win win situation for our planet, your wallet, and obviously your style 😉

Bobble is available at JC Penney, Barnes & Noble, Wegmans, Whole Foods and more. It can also be purchased online at Its recommended retail price is $9.95.


The Poster Cause Project

© Travis Cain

If you are fan of underground art and want to give some money for a good cause, you’ll love this idea. The Poster Cause Project allows you to help people in need while treating yourself at the same time…  This online shop sells and promotes affordable artwork by generous artists and donates 50 to 100% of all profits to charities and organizations.

The lastest release is Travis Cain’s “Something Good To Die For” poster which will benefit the St. Jude’s Childrens Research Hospital.

No guilt, spend all you want!

Click here to shop The Poster Cause Project and see all the artwork

5mn with… Pierre Frey

Profession: President of Pierre FREY US 

Tell us a bit about Pierre FREY, the company.

My grand father, Pierre Frey, founded the company in 1935. We create and manufacture fabrics and wallpapers in the purest French tradition. The company includes not only Pierre FREY designs but also collections from three other prestigious brands: Braquenie, Boussac and Fadini-Borghi.

We are very attuned to the modern world, which has led to the creation of stunning home accessories and furniture (sofas, carpets, lamps, cushions, perfumed candles…) to complement our fabrics.

This year, we are very proud to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our company that is still 100% family owned.

What about you Pierre?

I’m French, 33 years old and I am in charge of Pierre FREY America. Although my early years were spent living and studying in Paris, we traveled extensively with my family -frequently to the US… Summer camp in Maine & New Hampshire, was a ritual… I was raising the flag, playing lacrosse and sleeping in tents…

My work is dedicated to our family company, Pierre FREY, and I travel a lot around the country to find new clients/agents, change our distribution in some territory or try to explain our “savoir faire” to the industry. I feel so lucky to work in such an aesthetic industry and be always surrounded by beautiful products… 

How did you get into Interior Design?

I was born in it! From the first day of my life my father took me to every event; I was even part of the advertising campaign for the Pierre FREY kids’ collection. It made sense to me to continue my career in this industry, as it became my passion very early.

I started my early years at Pierre FREY, learning the process of weaving and printing in factories- they are real artisans… Then I spent a lot of time working with our clients, spending a few month working in a workshop where furniture and curtains are manufactured and finally I worked with interior designers for a better understanding of the general process and that was fascinating…

Who’s your favorite interior designers?

My taste is very eclectic; my home is a mix of 50’s furniture, traditional fabrics, ethnic objects and modern pictures. My favorite interior designers are Alberto Pinto in Paris for his Moroccan and French origins that create an amazing mix, Thierry Despont in New York for his American influences mixed with French origins and David Hicks for his colors and patterns inspired by England in the 60’s and 70’s.

If you had one tip to give to people for a cozy interior what would it be?

For modern environments, add a touch of textile to add warmth, like red velvet cushions for example.   Many sources of lighting really give an amazing atmosphere to a room as well compared to lights from the ceiling.

Are there any fall trends?

With this downturn of the economy, people entertain more at home and are definitely trying to keep their living space more welcoming. Minimalism is giving way to colors, textiles, comfortable furniture and multiple sources of lighting.

What does a city like NY bring to you?

I find inspiration in the creativity, people, and mixed origins of New York. 

What is your favorite place or thing to do in the city?

Hanging around Nolita, my neighborhood, discovering new restaurants, galleries, stores, bumping into random people…

What is your favorite interior design shop in NY?

I have many but if I had to go over my favorite stores in one day, I would go to De Vera, John Derian, Todd Merill and Paul Rubenstein- all in Nolita and Soho.

What’s your favorite Hotel?

Crosby Street Hotel that just opened and is owned by the Firmsdale group, another family owned company. One of the owners, Kit Kemp, is the interior designer and is terribly talented. She mixes colors and objects like nobody else and used Pierre Frey in much of the hotel. It is very cozy and you really feel at home the second you enter. The service is outstanding, the bar is not as loud as they all are in New York and they serve original drinks.

And Restaurant?

I just discovered Hotel Griffou, which recently opened. The decor draws on the space’s 19th-century golden days; with a dash of French salon style thrown in and the service and food are fabulous. I am also a regular at Omen and at the Standard Grill.

What’s next? Any projects?

Our dream would be to open our own Pierre FREY boutique hotel, but that might be a little early. You’d be able to purchase everything, from the restaurant’s plates to the curtains, the furniture etc… For now, we’re busy celebrating our 75th anniversary and we also launched a new tool, an online store where lots of our products (candles, lamps, throws, cushions…) can be purchased from around the world.

Pierre FREY is located 979 Third Avenue  bet 58th and 59th street. Tel: 1 212 421 0534
Click here to visit their website

5mn with… Akiko Mukae

Profession: Designer

Who are you Akiko?
I was born in Fukuoka, Japan.  I went to Tokyo Zokei University for oil painting and printmaking and moved to the US to study Art in 1996.  Three months after I arrived in NYC, I was offered a great position at AMANO’s (revered Japanese artist) Studio in Soho. 2 years ago I started ATSUYO ET AKIKO, interior décor, accessories and children’s clothing company with my partner Atsuyo. Since then, we have built  domestic and international business,  and recently opened our direct online shop.

When did you decide to design line for kids? What is the concept?
My interest in starting a children’s line began after making clothes for my daughter. I imagined a style that could be worn by both a mom and her child, while still having a more artistic design and conceptual character. All of a sudden friends began asking for things that I made for my daughter and myself and eventually Atsuyo et Akiko was conceived with my friend Atsuyo, who was already in fashion. I brought my fine art background and combined it with her understanding of the fashion industry.

Who would you love to see wear your designs?
It’s most important if friends and family like the things I make (many of whom tend to be designers themselves).  It makes me proud that they like what we’ve created.  Of course if that extends to the general public, we like that as well.

You design clothes, Jewelry, accessories, do you have any preferences? Do you think it’s important these days to do a bit of everything to be more competitive?
I tend to design the things that my partner and I would like to give to our children or friends, and things that we imagine to be beautiful or fun to make.  The business is based on our desires as consumers and our challenges as artists and designers.  Competition isn’t something we really take into consideration, especially since many of our peers in the field tend not only to be our friends but also our inspiration, and sometimes even collaborators.

My favorite is probably jewelry design, and it’s one of the primary reasons we started the business.  Lately, I’ve been leaning more into the design and creation of more permanent jewelry, like gold and gemstones, designing these mother-daughter ideas to be more timeless, and passed down over generations.

If you had to create  a line for a famous designer, who would it be?

Martin Margiela.  It has an artistic aspect that I like.

What are the winter trends for Kids?
I’m not really sure…we don’t concentrate on trends so much.

What does a city like NY brings to you?
New York brings the world.  I feel no limits on myself or my work, because the art, the inspiration, and incredible mix of culture make this my home.

What is your favorite place in the city ?
Early morning at the Metropolitan Museum…..especially the morning light in the Greek/Roman section.

What’s next?  Any project?
After opening the online shop, I think our next big project would be to open our own store in New York City -someday soon.

ATSUYO ET AKIKO is sold at Pomme, ABC Carpet and in many more locations in NYC
For the rest of the  US or abroad click here


THE WRIGHT Restaurant opens at the Guggenheim Museum

Named in honor of the great American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, and designed by Andre Kikoski, this restaurant is ultra design, very chic and obviously a MUST SEE. The menu, elaborated by Rodolpho Contreras, David Bouley’s protégé, is as refined as the place is elegant and the food is a subtle take on old classics…

The tasting menu included: Tuna sashimi with a crunch of pickled onion, salmon tartar on a paper-thin wafer, a delightful fennel soup and to finish the most exquisite pumpkin-chocolate mouse cake and an airy mango mousse…

You have to experience it.

THE WRIGHT 1071 Fifth Avenue @ 88th Street. Tel: 1 212 427 56 90
Reservations recommended

DemocraTea Party



Dreaming to have tea en tête à tête with one of the world leading politicians? Donkey Products makes it possible!

Enjoy also having a quick “cuppa” with the Royal Family!



DemocraTea or RoyalTea Party    € 7.95
Order them online here. (European based site but they deliver in the US)

WIRED magazine pop-up store

This pop-up store is a place you can’t afford to miss! Wether you are fan of cutting-edge technology,  design lover or just trying to figure out your Christmas presents, it is definitely worth a visit… Click here to see the online store.

Open until December 27th.

The WIRED Store is 415 West 13th Street
bet 9th Av & Washington St. Tel: 212-645-0210.  Open Wed-Sun, noon to 9pm  (closed Christmas Day)