NY Butterfly keeps you posted on lifestyle, trends, people and photography  around the city…

Margaux Carel is behind NY Butterfly.

 Margaux was born in Paris. Passionate about photography, she started her career in the press industry as an associate picture editor for Paris Match magazine. She always had a love affair with New York, where she lived happily in her west village apartment for 6 years.  Out of passion for the city, she started this blog to share her favorite places, talk about trends, and great things to do in  New York. She also introduces young talents, designers and other interesting New Yorkers through short interviews.
Please visit the new website called Gilded Butterfly launched in July 2011.

15 thoughts on “About

    1. Hey , it is really fun to read your blog..
      I love , it , even if i am not from your generation ,I find the choices of people, and exhibit or fashion really good..
      so keep doing it..
      we are watching..


  1. Bravo! This is a brilliant way to find out whats hot in the BIG apple all year round. A must to show anyone who is planning a trip to NY as you have all the secret and trendy hideouts that other guides can’t give you. Congratulations Ms. Butterfly this is brilliant! Spread the word folks! xxx

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