Dinner and a movie at the Crosby Hotel

Here is a glamorous way to spend your Sunday evenings… Instead of crowed a theater and greasy junk food, the Crosby Hotel introduces the SUNDAY NIGHT FILM CLUB. Don’t be fooled by the “club” label, it is open everyone. The concept, very simple, gives you the choice between dinner and a movie or cocktail / bar plate and a movie. Sit back and enjoy movies, picked from either recent releases or classics, screened in the Hotel’s sumptuous state-of-the-art cinema, every weekend at 8pm.

It’ll open on Sunday, March 21st, with a series of recent films which have each won a 2010 Academy Award…

Upcoming schedule
March 21st: The Blind Side
March 28th: The Hurt Locker
April 4th: Up
April 11th: Crazy Heart
April 18th: Avatar (3D)
SUNDAY NIGHT FILM CLUB @ the Crosby Hotel 79 Crosby Street. Tel: 1 212 226 64 00. Dinner and movie for $50 per person OR cocktail, bar plate and movie for 2 is $25 per person. Dinner and Cocktails are served beforehand in The Crosby Bar. For more info and the schedule of coming attractions check www.crosbystreethotel.com


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