Here comes TARTINERY

A gem just opened its doors in Nolita! TARTINERY Nolita is a new concept -you could call it fast food… but gourmet, of course! They serve the best tartines made with the finest French bread and exquisite ingredients. All that in a warm, family-like atmosphere… Maxime, Stephan and Nicolas, little geniuses, are the first to import Pain Poilâne to New York. The menu, simple and delish, offers a diverse selection of tartines, soups, salads and healthy juices. If you are into cheese, we highly recommend the melting Saint-Marcelin tartine, and if you prefer something on the sweet side, the warm Nutella one… culinary orgasm on a silver platter!

Be ready to have a love affair with this place…

TARTINERY Nolita : 209 Mulberry Street @ Spring. Tel: 1212 300 5838. Currently open for lunch, TARTINERY will also be open for dinner around March 20th .

Photos © Marilou Daube

One thought on “Here comes TARTINERY”

  1. Finally .. Poilane Bread, and St Marcellin….
    thank you , this will be a must on my list of place to go to , as I am always looking for this kind of lunch.. will even make the detour, when not in Nolita…

    thanks for the tip.


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