Brighton Beach or a trip to Russia…

If you are bored of traditional winter weekends in the city, you should try to go to Russia for a day!

Brighton Beach, also known as “Little Odessa” is only 45mn away from Manhattan- it will definitely surprise you. This neighborhood is mostly populated by Russian immigrants who came from the former Soviet Union in the late 60’s. Here you’ll wander around numerous storefronts with traditional Russian signs such as Fur shops, bakeries and Russian bookstores …

Head out there on a lovely sunny day, it’s easy to take the subway and get off at the Conney Island stop. Trot down the boardwalk towards Brighton beach. Sea gulls hanging on the beach might be your only encounter at this time of the year but that’s what makes this place so special.

The empty amusement park (closed for the winter) gives a mystical twist to the atmosphere…

To warm up from the brisk walk go to Tatiana, a typical Russian restaurant with a warm atmosphere and fancy décor where the vodka is generously poured… 😉

Tatiana is located 3152 Brighton 6th St (bet E Boardwalk & Brightwater Ct)

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