Deborah Turbeville at Staley-Wise Gallery

Deborah Turbeville / Staley-Wise

Born in 1938, Deborah Turbeville is a fashion editor turned photographer. When she started taking photographs in 1966, she showed her blurry pictures to Richard Avedon who instantly liked them and decided to teach her the technique. She officially became a photographer in 1972 and worked for the most renowned magazines such as Vogue –  American, British, French, Italian, and Russian editions, Harper’s Bazaar, the New York Times Magazine etc…

Her most famous work is the ‘bathhouse’ series that she shot for American Vogue in 1975 – fashion photographs of barely dressed, languid women .

By retouching the surface of her pictures, which are often scratched and faded, Turbeville creates an atmosphere of mystery and drama intensifying her ideas and making her work unforgettable.

This exhibition features her work from 1975 to the present. Don’t miss it, Turbeville’s work resembles no-one else’s…

Deborah Turbeville Past Imperfect: Works on paper from a book
From February 5th to March 20th
Staley-Wise Gallery : 560 Broadway. Tel: 1 212 966 6223

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