A little piece of Heaven below the skyscrapers

Financier-singleLet’s be honest, Midtown isn’t exactly the most exciting part of the city, is it? Working there and eating the same tasteless meal day after day is kind of depressing… that is until you find paradise: Financier.

This delicious Patisserie was named after the famous French cookie (rich almond cake, baked in the shape of a gold bar)

and also because their first shop was located in the Financial District. It’ll ravish all the foodies and anyone dying for a heart-warming delicacy. Financiers, madeleines, macaroons, éclairs au chocolat…  you won’t resist!

Cranberry and Pumpk#19F6C0BFinancier midtown: 1211 Sixth Avenue @ 48th St. Tel: 212 381 4418. For more information on their locations, menu or catering check their Website


3 thoughts on “A little piece of Heaven below the skyscrapers”

  1. Eric Bedoucha is such a great pastry chef. I wish I could share, with you, my favorites of all of his desserts, but I have tried them all and I can’t pick a favorite. I had him do my wedding cake, layered sponge with pear and Pear Williams. Delicious!
    tip: Make sure you try anything and everything he does with pineapple!

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