5 mn with… Marta Milans

Profession: Actress

© Lars Gerhard

Who are you Marta?

I was born in Madrid, Spain, 27 years ago… grew up there with my family… went to school… took acting classes… studied languages… went hunting with my dad, kept growing up and dreaming of becoming an actress until I applied and was accepted to NYU and moved 7 years ago to this beautiful city to fight to realize my dream!

Why did you choose to act?

I always loved being onstage… When I was a little girl I’d perform Shakespeare plays in my English school in Madrid… my mom would make the costumes for me with pieces of cloth we’d find lying around the house, and I’d stick fake jewels to my cardboard crown to perform King Lear and be one of the princesses. I loved it!! I was also in the school choir and couldn’t wait to be cast in Christmas Carol plays… I enjoyed singing and acting so much that my parents started taking me to singing lessons and acting classes as well…

You seem to play very strong characters, is it important for you to play intense parts?

My last two projects have indeed been very intense…this summer I filmed a movie in Spain called The Blue Skin, the story of a group of friends sailing in a boat… they all jump in the water, and, well I can’t tell you… you’ll have to see it… but basically bad things start happening and the tension just keeps growing. It’s hard to keep the intensity for the 2 months of shooting but it’s a lovely challenge… and I need challenges in my life!!

What is your best souvenir from a set?

Meeting people that otherwise you’d never meet and becoming friends with them… also seeing other people work and watching their talent… the director I worked with this summer in The Blue Skin, his name is Gonzalo Lopez Gallego… such a talent! I felt so lucky he chose me… and the other project I just finished is directed by Daniela Merino – another beautifully talented woman with an amazing sensibility.


What does a city like NY bring to you?

NY is the best city in the world! The energy it passes on to you… the feeling that you can do anything! The opportunities it offers you… the wonderful people you meet, that also come from all over the world to work, study, visit, fulfill their dreams… it’s very unique!

What is you favorite place or thing to do in the city?

I love my neighborhood, the west village… it’s quiet, beautiful and so special… I always ride my bike everywhere, I love having coffee with friends in Sant Ambroeus, go to my favorite yoga class at Jivamukti studio… go running on the waterfront across the street from my building, with the beautiful view of the Hudson river and the statue of liberty… I could go on and on…

If you could shoot with one director or an actor, who would they be?

Whoa! That’s a tough question… I guess Alejandro Amenabar, who I think must be a very special person with an outstanding talent.  And actor?? No doubt about that… Edward Norton!!What’s next?

Flying back to Madrid next week to start shooting a new TV show.. I play the leading female, Alba; I’m so excited! Wish me luck!! It’s going to be an adventure…I’m going to miss NYC every single day… but hopefully I’ll be back soon! 🙂

Good luck Martita !

The Blue Skin will be released next spring in Spain and Mexico. Will keep you posted on US release soon.

Middle photo © The Blue Skin


5 thoughts on “5 mn with… Marta Milans”

  1. Great article! Good job!! I had the pleasure to see this wonderfull actress last year on a Broadway Show and thought she was fantastic!!

  2. Good luck with your upcoming project! Very much looking forward to watch the new TV show in Spain. Please keep us updated 😉

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