5 mn with… Ala d’Amico

Profession: Photographer

Picture 3Who are you Ala?

I’m 24 years old. My father is Italian and my mother Brazilian. Even though I lived most of my life in Italy, Brazil has always played a vital role in my life. At 18, I moved to London to study Photography at the University of the Arts. I have been in New York for 18 months.

Why photography?

I consciously decided to become a photographer only recently. I’m very shy and I think through images, somehow the passage was very straightforward. I actually learned to print before learning how to take a picture. For me, spending time in a darkroom is therapeutic, holy somehow. I love everything about the process, the time requiring, the darkness, the silence, the total abandonment to oneself.

Who’s your favorite photographer(s):

Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Tim Walker, Sarah Moon, Roger Ballen.

Picture 4

Your pictures are very delicate and elegant, what defines


Beauty… hard to say, probably something that you cannot stop looking at.

As I see it, beauty can be appalling and disturbing. Something that you are attracted to but you don’t necessarily enjoy. It can also be something that you are afraid of.

I’m personally fascinated by the human body and the importance that this “shell” has. It represents us. It’s our image. I like to manipulate it and then observe it, analyze it. The manipulation takes place while the picture is taken and not in post-production.

I’m interested to meet with the body first, then, the person trapped inside it and how the two polarities meet and live together. My work also focuses on the space where the person and the body live, move and think. I like to explore the relationship between them.

Picture 3

What is your best souvenir?

The day that I met a young man named Noah.

What does a city like New York bring to you?

It’s easy to find inspiration in a city like NY. You are constantly enveloped by images, sounds, people and lights, it is so overwhelming that you need to express yourself and there is no better way to do that than to produce work.

For me in particular, New York gave me a lot of space–mentally and physically.

What is your favorite place in the city?

There is not a place in particular, what I love to do is to start walking and lose myself.

What’s next?

I’m working in two different projects right now and I’ll be part of a group exhibition in Rio de Janeiro in December.

To see more of Ala’s work, or if you are interested in purchasing a print, please visit her website aladamico.com


One thought on “5 mn with… Ala d’Amico”

  1. Better than nice; a fine interview . It is lovely to still find intelligence, dedication, enthusiasm in young photographers. A good article on a shy but wide winged butterfly (Ala D’Amico) whose photos
    convey both the elusive quality of beauty and the absolute of poetry.

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