Let’s SEA !

Spring 2010

Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan are the talented duet behind the young clothing brand “SEA“. It is glamorous, affordable and chic; It’s to die for.  These young designers have got it all!

How do you find your inspiration?

Sean: The inspiration behind the line has always been Monica; her unique spirit and innate sense of style set the direction for the line.

Monica: This is something I talk about with Sean. We find an idea and then I start to go through magazines and fabrics. At some point, you slip into the moment and the collection begins to unfold naturally and our perspective crystallizes.

Who is the SEA girl?

Sean: We try to infuse our collections with a versatile vitality and hope that appeals to friendly, independent girls that want pieces they can style into a modestly provocative look.

Monica: We’d like to dress subtly sexy girls who can use our pieces to create a chic mystique look.

Which celebrity would you like to see wear SEA?

Sean: Chloe Sevigny

Monica: Sofia Coppola

NYC: Barneys, Sucre (Bleecker), Gargyle. PARIS: Montaigne Market, Franck et fils. LONDON: Oxygen Boutique, Mimi, Feather and Stich, Brown Focus. MONACO: MC Market.        info@sea-ny.com


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